About us

The world has changed a lot the past decades, as has the sex industry. Nowadays, designers from all over the world are competing with each to get recognition from their customers. This leads to the finest designs and the most innovative and high quality products originating from Sweden to Hong Kong and from the USA to the Netherlands. The penis-shaped, flesh-coloured dildo is years behind us. Right now customers are marveling at a bioskin silicone, smartphone controlled vibrator.

Furthermore, the subject sex became more discussable in the last decades. Being more open about sex leads to better sexual education. This not only results in better sexual health but also gives both men and women the knowledge to fully enjoy their sex life in the best possible way.

In 2011, HeaveNo7 introduced a new concept. We contribute to breaking the taboo on sex and sexuality by approaching the subject with expertise, in an open way and without any form of prejudice. By having an open conversation with our clients, we get to know their wishes, desires and sexual preferences and are thus able to provide them the perfect sextoy.

Our webstore offers a wide assortment of the most luxurious items, within every price range.

We aim to ease your search for the perfect sex toy in every way possible, through the use of filters, categories and comprehensive product descriptions. Don’t hesitate to ask us any question and feel free to ask us advice. We are happy to help you through our chat box and free customer service line. We are available for you at every hour, every day of the week.