Some people find anonymous online shopping at our webshop more convenient, others like to see and touch our products in real life. For those who find this helpful, HeaveNo7 has a retail store right in the vibrant city centre of Amsterdam. We have a broad variety of testers in our shop which you can switch on, feel and hold. This makes it easier for our clients to discover whether or not the products will meet their desires. Also, our employees are happy to answer all your questions and, if desired, give you their professional opinion.

Sexshops are awkward? Not in the case of HeaveNo7. HeaveNo7 is a store where mostly women bring their men or girlfriends, to talk about, test and buy the newest, most innovative and luxurious sextoys available. In order to create an open atmosphere, the store has a modern, warm and light design. In addition, we have designed special furniture and developed a unique smell which adds to the welcoming feeling we want to provide for our customers.

Would you like to see a product in real life, before purchasing it? Unfortunately, you will not find all our webshop-articles in our retail store. Thus, before visiting our retail store in order to see a specific product, it is advisable to contact us regarding the availability of this product.